Adult Dual Diagnosis

For adults coping with chemical dependency along with emotional and behavioral issues, Rivendell offers a dual diagnosis track in our acute inpatient program. Because we understand that breaking the cycle of substance abuse requires ongoing support as well as medical oversight, we offer group, individual and family therapy for our patients entering this program in addition to medication management by a psychiatrist. Our clinical team consists of seasoned counselors, medical staff and mental health associates who will guide each person toward a plan for success.

With care and compassion our staff develop a unique treatment plan based on each individual’s needs. Patients are invited to select from a menu of group therapy options specific to their goals. Rivendell also provides a private setting for community Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings that our patients are welcome to attend during treatment and after.

Call us to speak with an Assessment and Referral counselor regarding the treatment that is right for you. The assessment is always confidential and available 24/7 at no charge.

Your success is our success! Let’s get started today!