Referrals for assessments or inpatient care may be made by calling our toll-free number (1-800-264-5640). We have staff specifically dedicated to leading you through the referral process, including scheduling a free face-to-face assessment at the hospital or in your community.

The Mobile Assessment and Emergency Response Teams are trained professionals ready to respond to your specific need and discuss various resources/options available for you or your loved one. Screenings are provided under the direction of clinical and medical leaders, with a physician available by telephone to discuss any specific issues as necessary.


Rivendell Behavioral Health offers free assessment and referral assistance, as well as admission services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Referrals may be made by the individual, family or loved one being affected, or from a member of the professional community (physicians, courts, counseling/community agencies, educational systems, employee assistance programs, psychologists and therapists).

Rivendell accepts Medicare adult and other private health insurances. For more information on health insurance, contact us at 501-316-1255.