About Us

Rivendell Behavioral Health Services of Arkansas is a psychiatric facility that provides mental health services for adults, adolescents and children, including inpatient hospitalization, long-term inpatient treatment, and partial hospitalization. Rivendell provides confidential assessment and referral 24/7 at our psychiatric facility which is nested on 17 beautiful ares of land. Located in Benton, Ark., Rivendell provides statewide mobile assessment during business hours for free.

Treatment Approach

Rivendell utilizes a medical model for patient treatment practicing a multidisciplinary approach in terms of screening, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and discharge planning. Professionals providing care as part of the multidisciplinary team include the psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, dietician, social worker, counselor, recreation therapist, special education teacher, mental health associate and case manager.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is a vital component of treatment whether the person seeking treatment is an adult or youth; at Rivendell we care for the entire family. Family members are encouraged to express their opinions and feelings through individual, family and group settings. Our programs work to educate the family regarding the dynamics of the illness; establish a framework for resolving frustrations and conflicts which may have developed; and teach the skills necessary to build healthy channels of communication.

As a proud supporter of the National Action Alliance on Suicide Prevention, Rivendell Behavioral Health Services of Arkansas provides education and resources to the communities we serve. Watch our video below to learn more: